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MedSup relies on a collaborative culture open to innovative ideas. The company is driven by a strong concept of collective success, which necessarily involves the recognition and emancipation of individuals. Development and success are, in our opinion, directly linked to bringing together different people from different professional backgrounds.

We offer flexible working conditions and a safe work environment focused on continuous improvement, collaboration and professional development.

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Available Positions (Montréal)

Administration and Accounting

Chief Operating Officer
General Manager
Administrative Officer
Communication Technician
Customer Service Representative
Inventory Management Coordinator
Management Assistant

Compliance - Quality Control

Quality Control Technician
Regulations Specialist


Lab Technician

Logistics and Production

Industrial Production Machinery Operator
Industrial Maintenance Technician
Inventory Management Coordinator
Logistics Coordinator
Procurement Specialist

Human Resources

Labour Relations Specialist
Payroll Specialist
Recruitment Specialist


Cybersecurity Specialist
IT Support Specialist
Security Director

Sales and Business

Business Development Specialist
Communications Specialist
Customer Service Agent
eCommerce Manager
Marketing Specialist
Sales Representatives

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