PM2.5 active filters for protective masks help provide respiratory protection against certain airborne particles. Interchangeable PM2.5 filters are designed to help provide reliable, premium respiratory protection against airborne particles as well as resistance to splashes and splashes of blood and other infectious materials. Each package contains 8 filters. The filters have a filtration efficiency of over 95% for a maximum use of 8 hours per filter. Adult and child format filters available.

Replacement PM2.5 Filters

  • - Product name: FPM2.5-8 - PM 2.5 filter

    - Test: GB2626-2006 for non-medical civil use

    - Complies with standards for non-medical civilian use as required by; FDA, Health Canada, Workers Compensation Boards, CNESST

    - Box 8 filters, Case of 200 Filters

    - Eligible to MedSup Medical / Go Zero Recycling Program

  • - Filtration efficiency ≥ 95%

    - Inhalation resistance ≤ 350 Pa 85 L/min

    - Exhalation resistance ≤ 250 Pa 85 L/min

    - Material: 5-ply filter, Polypropylene SBPP 30%, MBPP 30%, WMPP 40%

    Description: Non-sterile and hypoallergenic

    Filter dimensions: adult and child format

    Storage: Store in a cool, clean and dry place. Avoid excessive heat (Max 40°C).

    Expiration date: 2 years after manufacturing date

    Manufactured in: China