The Reusable Isolation Gown is ideal in low risk environments. It is designed to be reused and washed dozens of times, making it an economically responsible choice. Its composition provides comfort and durability, dries quickly and offers increased breathability. Its dense fabric is made with lint-free fibers that provide excellent fluid resistance and its woven cuffs cover the wrists to minimize contact.

Reusable Isolation Gown Level 2

  • - Product name: IGRII-1

    - Test: Tested CSA Z314 ANSI PB70 and EN 13795l

    - Complies with standards for non-medical civilian use as required by; FDA, Health Canada, Workers Compensation Boards, CNESST

    -Box of one gown, Case of 50 gowns

    - Eligible to MedSup Medical / Go Zero Recycling Program