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Medsup Medical

Where our passion for positive change meets our dedication to excellence

At the heart of our mission lies a deep commitment to our community, sustainable development practices, and a vision for a brighter future in healthcare. We believe that by giving back, embracing sustainability, and innovating healthcare, we can create a world where well-being thrives for all. Explore our journey as we strive to make a meaningful impact, one step at a time.

Environmental sustainability

Medsup actively participates in recycling programs to support its customers in their initiatives to reduce the carbon footprint caused by the use of single-use medical instruments. By investing in the research and development of biomaterials, the company aims to make a direct contribution to responsible supply chain practices.

Social impact

Medsup assesses its business performance by considering the collective impacts it generates and incubates. In this regard, Medsup strengthens its local manufacturing capabilities and expertise, aligns production and innovation with local needs, and assumes an inspiring leadership role in weaving partnerships that share the goal of building responsible, innovative, competitive, and resilient supply chains.

87 800 000+ Donations

Medsup is proud to support the following organizations, with more than 87,800,000 products in donations. We also thank our entire team and network of resellers and customers who made this possible.

Creating a better healthcare system by supporting

Medsup is a proud supporter of the Resilient Healthcare Coalition. Together with many health system leaders from industry, research, and advocacy groups, we strive to create more resilient health systems for Canada.

‎Medsup has strong environmental beliefs and goals, which is why we allied ourselves with Go Zero Recycle to recycle all our protective equipment products. ‎ ‎Our customers can recycle their Medsup products for free.

Simple, environmentally friendly and efficient, our alliance with Go Zero‎‎ allows a more responsible sourcing for hospitals, clinics, pharmaceutical companies, and more. Together, we can make the health sector greener and more sustainable.