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Our Services


‎Our manufacturing plant is located in Montreal where we proudly manufacture a range of critical products and sterile instruments that meet the highest medical and quality standards. The company has implemented capabilities in North America and brought production facilities closer to customers to strengthen the supply chain resilience.


Medsup's business strategy relies on the importation of some products and the local manufacture of others. Selection is based on analysis of contracts and positioning opportunities. The production of surgical masks and rapid tests in Quebec enabled Medsup to secure a major supply agreement with the government. We aim to supply local products, strengthen production capacity and develop local expertise.

Wholesale & Distribution

Medsup is one of the largest wholesaler and distributor of medical equipment in North America. We always strive to fulfill our promise to our distributors and customers: giving them the best products, prices, availability and services.

Private Label

‎Medsup can create custom packaging and OEM products for your business. All our products are customizable. We will create a package and a product for you according to your brand image. Medsup can also handle the storage and distribution logistics of your home products. Service available to distributors, resellers, retailers and health networks.‎

Laboratory & Certification

‎Medsup's research and development team works with various international scientific laboratories to ensure that you have high-quality products that are certified for various health networks.

We have partnered up with Mico Innovations, experts in life science, clinical trials and FDA/HC/CE product qualification.


Humanitarian Medical Emergency

‎Medsup has developed an expertise in the mass distribution of medical equipment. Our global logistics team can distribute tens of millions of units around the world within 24 hours. Our response units take care of medical distribution during natural or humanitarian disasters and during epidemics in consultation with NGOs and governments.‎

Dynamic Inventory Management & Logistics

Medsup is recognized for its high-level logistics. The company has provided warehousing, distribution and dynamic inventory management services to several public agencies and healthcare institutions. Ontario and Quebec governments mandated Medsup to manage their strategic reserves of medical instruments and PPE.

Medsup is now considered a partner of choice for the execution and management of major contracts, notably by the governments. In fact, Medsup offered the only Canadian solution for the logistics management of COVID-19 vaccines.


Each of our product comes with a fully integrated recycling service that allows customers to send back their used Medsup products for free recycling, giving them the satisfaction of knowing they contributed to the environmental effort to keep perfectly good materials out of landfills.

Simple, environmentally friendly and efficient, ‎‎our alliance with Go Zero‎‎ allows a more responsible sourcing for hospitals, clinics, pharmaceutical companies, and more. Together, we can make the health sector greener and more sustainable.