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About Us

Our Story

"Our story is that of a company that puts the collective interest at the center of its business model."

Since 2019, Medsup has first positioned itself as a manufacturer and distributor of personal protective equipment and medical instruments. Medsup has become known in the context of the pandemic particularly through governmental agencies, major retailers, and e-commerce.

In 2022, Medsup has become a top Canadian leader in the supply of diagnostic instruments and has obtained the most valuable COVID-19 contract awarded by the Quebec government. Medsup products are recognized for their quality, availability, affordability, and are part of a brand image defined by a culture of innovation, proximity, resilience, and sustainable development.

Based in Montreal (Quebec), Medsup Medical is a value-added manufacturer and distributor with a major focus on specific product categories. Its product range includes masks, gloves, infection prevention and control supplies, patient and wound care supplies, protective apparel, needles, syringes, sterile vials, surgery and sutures supplies, diagnostic instruments and detection equipment, first aid and defibrillation equipment, etc.

Medsup is differentiated in the marketplace by its ability to offer a "one-stop solution" to Professionals, Patients, Distributors and Retailers with its product offerings and value-added services such as Dynamic Inventory Management, Recycling Program, Product Optimization and Commercialization.


Security, autonomy, resilience.

Our development strategy is based on four key elements:

  1. 1. Local manufacturing and expertise.
    2. Innovation aligned with Canadian needs.
    3. Sustainable development and green products.
    4. Local partnerships.

What we strive for

By 2025, to become the primary manufacturer and supplier of medical devices and personal protective equipment for healthcare providers, patients, companies and organizations, as well as the leader in the resilience of medical and pharmaceutical supply chains in North America with our innovative and sustainable product catalog and services.


Our Values


Ensure a high quality control to manufacture and distribute the best products available on the market.


Offer built-in recycling options for our products to reach our environmental and sustainability goals and share them with customers.


Determine and apply best practices (management, operation, logistics) to provide the best medical instruments and personal protective equipment.


Demonstrate responsibility, thoroughness and commitment in carrying out the mission.


Foster mutual aid, openness, communication and commitment from various partners, and build on each other's expertise.

The first Quebec factory for rapid antigenic tests.

For several months now, Medsup Medical and IR&T (Imaging Research & Technology) have been concerned about the supply and distribution of rapid antigenic tests in Quebec and Canada. We are proud to announce the establishment of the first Quebec plant for rapid antigenic tests in Montreal, as well as the creation of a center for the optimization and development of screening technologies for COVID-19.

Research & Development

Medsup is mainly working with MICO Innovations – which has a team of experts in life science, clinical trials and FDA/HC/CE product qualification. The team is working closely with clients and medical organizations to optimize the products performance, usability, qualification and commercialization.

Licenses, Certifications & Qualifications

  • Health Canada, Distributor & Manufacturer Class IV
  • Food & Drug Administration, Establishment Registration
  • Council of European Union Marking (CE)
  • China Chamber of Commerce for Import & Export of Medicines & Health Products (CCCMHPIE), Registration
  • Intertrade MSSS : Quebec medical procurement system for Healthcare centers, clinics and hospitals
  • Plexxus: Ontario Procurement system for Healthcare centers, clinics and hospitals.
  • Ariba Network: Canada Procurement system for medical devices and health essentials.
  • ISO certifications for Clean Rooms.
  • Made in Quebec and Made in Canada certified products.
  • Canada Red Cross supplier.

Strategic Infrastructure

With strategic partners and facilities in North America, Medsup has developed win-win business relations with suppliers, distributors and governments, earning a reputation for quality, agility, reliability and innovation.

Medsup relies on a network of facilities and shares some assets with key partners such as universities and hospitals: manufacturing plant, distribution centres, recycling centre, laboratories, customer service, inbound warehouses, etc.

The objective of this network is to guarantee coast-to-coast rapid and efficient services to optimize the supply chain resilience and to be closer to major partners and customers. Medsup is using a SAP based WMS-ERP.

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