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Industri-All products

The Industri-All black diamond textured nitrile gloves offer increased dexterity and accrued protection for heavy-duty applications in multiple domains such as automobile, construction, plumbing, janitorial, etc.

This powder-free, durable glove is perfect for use in industrial sectors of activity, and is the first product of our new industrial line.

Rapid tests made in Quebec

Medsup continues its efforts to develop and provide locally manufactured antigenic rapid tests. After over a year of production, it is more than 100 million tests that have been distributed to the population through various network.

Distributors, pharmacies and users can easily obtain our rapid tests online. For bigger order quantities, email us to obtain more information.

What's next?

Medsup continues its efforts to build resilient supply chains. The goal is not to provide everything, but to focus on very specific product lines and added-value services.

We are convinced that the dynamics of the post-pandemic market lay the foundations for a strong business development. That is why our team is fully dedicated to meet current needs and plan tomorrow's offers.

New capacities are being implemented in order to locally produce sterile medical instruments.

Our strategy aims to achieve several objectives:

  • Strenghten the supply chains.
  • Invest in local expertise and people.
  • Build a sustainable and green future.
  • Optimize risk management.
  • Contribute to Canada's strategic positionning internationally.


Creating a better healthcare system by supporting

Medsup is a proud supporter of the Resilient Healthcare Coalition. Together with many health system leaders from industry, research, and advocacy groups, we strive to create more resilient health systems for Canada.

87 800 000+ Donations

Medsup, along with its entire team and network of resellers and customers, is proud to support the following organizations, with more than 87,800,000 products in donations.

‎Medsup has strong environmental beliefs and goals, which is why we allied ourselves with Go Zero Recycle to recycle all our protective equipment products. ‎ ‎Our customers can recycle their Medsup products for free.

Simple, environmentally friendly and efficient, our alliance with Go Zero‎‎ allows a more responsible sourcing for hospitals, clinics, pharmaceutical companies, and more. Together, we can make the health sector greener and more sustainable.

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